Prof. Haiwon Lee

Prof. Haiwon Lee
Organic Thin Films Laboratory,
Hanyang University,

Title : Asian Research Network: Innovation and Talent Mobility


Due to globalization and greater demand for frontier research and innovation, talent mobility plays an important role in knowledge accumulation and technology creation and diffusion, and it can be used to address key challenges of science and technology innovation development in Asia. Challenges include a lack of R&D personnel and weak ties in R&D collaboration among Asian countries. Strengthening the research capacities in Asia, pooling resources through various forms of research cooperation, and offering global access to the scientific research information should be given high priority. Network as a way of organizing production processes is becoming a dominant phenomenon of modern times. Research networking, as an organizational mechanism for linking scientists and institutions which are committed to sharing information and working together, is increasingly regarded as an important policy instrument to bridge the research gap between the Asian countries. In this perspective, the Asia Research Network (ARN) offers a prospective platform that is committed to fostering human resources with a view of strengthening research and educational cooperation across the Asia as well as tackling issues common to Asian countries..


Prof. Haiwon Lee received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Houston. Dr. Lee has published more than 250 technical papers and patents in the area of chemistry and materials. His research interests are functional materials for nanostructured devices, nanolithography and recently, he is concentrating on the development of bio sensors and microfluidic system. Dr. Lee was a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Texas-Austin (1986-1988). His experience in Korea includes: Principal researcher at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) (1988-1993); Professor of Chemistry Department of Hanyang University (1993-present); Visiting Professor at Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research in Germany (1997); Co-chairman of AsiaNANO conference (2002-2012); Visiting Professor at Pennsylvania State University in USA (2002-2003); Dean of College of Natural Sciences (2008-2010), President of Industry-University Cooperation Foundation and Dean of University Research at Hanyang University (2006-2008); Adjunct professor of Chemistry Department at the University of Texas at Dallas in USA (2008-2010); Editor-in-Chief of Nano Convergence (2016-present); Currently he has been named Director of Asian Research Network Program since 2006, President of Asian Research Network Korea since 2012. Dr. Lee is the recipient of HYU Distinguished Professor Award from Hanyang University in 2008 and Doyak Medal from the Order of Science and Technology Merit of Korean Government in 2016.