Prof. Haizhou Li

Professor, Department of Electric & Computer Engineering,
NUS and Institute for Infocomm Research,
A*STAR, Singapore

Title : Speech Recognition: A Story of Artificial Intelligence


In the era of the mobile internet with keyboard-less smart terminals, voice user interface is becoming a ubiquitous mechanism for information access. The progress of automatic speech recognition is a typical story of artificial intelligence. In this talk, we will discuss automatic speech recognition, an enabling technology for innovative services and applications in mobile internet, robotics, and intelligent agents. Automatic speech recognition emulates human listening ability. We will review the technology fundamentals, the progress, and the challenges from a historical perspective. We will use recent results to benchmark automatic speech recognition performance against human parity. We will also discuss how technology advancement creates an impact on industry.


Prof. Haizhou Li is a Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore. Prior to joining NUS, Professor Li was a Principal Scientist and Research Director of the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR. Before joining I2R in 2003, he served as Vice President of InfoTalk Corp. Ltd, and Research Director of Lernout & Hauspie Asia Pacific. He received a Ph.D degree in Communications and Electronic Systems from South China University of Technology, China, in 1990.

Professor Li's research interests include speech information processing, natural language processing, human-robot interaction. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing (2015‐2018), the President of the International Speech Communication Association (2015‐2017), the President of Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (2015‐2016), the President of Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (2017‐2018). Professor Li is a Fellow of the IEEE. He was a recipient of the National Infocomm Award 2002 and the President's Technology Award 2013 in Singapore.